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Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show.

I went to the Hugh Jackman show and lost my diamond ring!

I’m so out of touch with the outside world that my six-year-old son had to tell me about this show.

First Born: Mrs P. told us in class that Hugh Jackman is doing The Greatest Showman show in London.

Me: Huge Ackman? (I’m the only one laughing).

Second Born: In real life?

First Born: Yeah!

Second Born: Sweet!

Me: Fake news!

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Black Mirror (Season 5)

Sci Fi / TV Series

Photo: Netflix

Is It Worth Watching? The first episode at least. The rest are meh.

I have found, in every season of Black Mirror only one out of three episodes are good. In Season 1, it was 15 Million Merits; In Season 2, it was Be Right Back, and so on. The favourite is different for different people, but it’s very rare that all the episodes are a hit. Season 1, for reasons of novelty, just about managed that feat, but it’s only been downhill after that. Season 5 is no different. The three self-contained stories have the Black Mirror trademark of A-list actors with great acting, but the technology element which is the big pull of this series is missing in all but one. And that’s the only one worth watching.

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The Society

Thriller / TV Series

Photo: Netflix

Is It Worth Watching? Yes, if you have run out of things to watch.

H insists that I begin with the caveat that I’m not the target audience for this program. So here I am, letting you all know that this program is aimed at teens. Having said that, I would also like to add:

  1. Teens deserve better.
  2. I really enjoyed Sabrina. So there.
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Good Omens

Fantasy Comedy / TV Series

Photo: Amazon

Is It Worth Watching? Only if you are curious.

When Amazon announced they were doing Good Omens I was thrilled. When they said Neil Gaiman will be writing it I was doubly thrilled. I loved the book. I loved Terry Pratchett. And I love Neil Gaiman. Then H said, ‘No one’s ever been able to adapt Terry Pratchett successfully.’ I replied, ‘This time it’s different. Neil Gaiman is doing it.’ Oh the ignominy of being proved wrong to your spouse!

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And Now This ...



So I watched Betrayal last Thursday at the Harold Pinter Theatre (which has very little space between the rows of seats. If you’re at the end, don’t sit down until everyone in the middle has!) A matinee, since that’s the only show I can do because of the children. It was quite nice actually. Grabbing a quick lunch between Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square; watching all those people rushing back to work and feeling smug that I was going to see Loki and Daredevil. It was so worth it. Betrayal was marvellous! Worth every penny of the £80 I paid and some. So, the next day, I tweeted about it, as you do. And guess what? Continue reading “Betrayal”


Dead To Me

Comedy / TV Series

Photo: Netflix

Is It Worth Watching? Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is the program I have been waiting for. Loud, funny, clever, bold, feminist and unapologetic. Dead To Me is the kind of program that should be watched by everyone: women and men. And here are five reasons why:

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Documentary / TV Series

Photo: Amazon

Is It Worth Watching? Yes (with a box of tissues).

Pistorius is a four-part documentary series on Amazon Prime which looks into the crime and conviction of the famous Paralympian, Oscar Pistorius. It focuses on the heavily televised seven-month trial following the murder of the sprinter’s girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine’s Day, 2013.

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