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Cancel Good Omens on Netflix

US Christian group petitioning Netflix to cancel Good Omens on Amazon

Photo: Guardian

There is a petition started by Return to Order, a US Christian group, asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens when the show is actually streaming on Amazon. It’s incidents like these that shake my faith in human intelligence.

This is what must have happened: A watched Good Omens then told B how an angel and a devil work together to stop the apocalypse. B told C how the show has angels and demons being great friends. C decided that’s blasphemic beyond words. And God is voiced by a woman (Frances McDormand) to boot. Something had to be done. Now, C was a lazy chap who couldn’t be bothered to watch the program to make up his own mind and thought if it’s popular it must be on Netflix. So he decided to start a petition. And thousands other fools followed.

Some of their objections include:

  • God is voiced by a woman.
  • The four riders of the Apocalypse … are portrayed as a group of bikers
  • [The show] is another step to make Satanism appear normal, light and acceptable.

You can imagine the fun people had when they found out. Neil Gaiman was quick to react in his usual jokey way:

Netflix realised it had a duty to respond:

Amazon agreed:

In fact, they decided to make a deal:

What I want to know is have these people not watched Preacher which really is on Amazon? That show is the ultimate in blasphemy and is absolutely hilarious. God has run away and a preacher, powered by the child of an angel and a demon, is trying to get him back. Here is a scene where God is dressed like a dog.

If this were not enough, there actually is a Saint of Killers who shoots the devil dead and Adolf Hitler takes over the day-to-day running of Hell. It’s absolutely crazy! Better still, read the graphic novel.

My advice to Return to Order is to watch Preacher, have a good laugh and realise that if there were a god, he/she wouldn’t be too bothered by programs like Good Omens.

Read my review of Good Omens here.

20 thoughts on “Cancel Good Omens on Netflix”

  1. I have no idea what the show is about. Never heard of it because I don’t do seasonal movies and whoever signed the petition had their reasons but I care less. Also it seems you don’t believe in God. If yes, any reasons why? Just curious and no, I’m not going to bore you with sermons.


    1. No, I don’t believe in God. I have found no reason to believe in God. Even if I did, the reason for this petition, like “God is voiced by a woman” would seem petty to me. Regardless, what foiled their plan was to petition the wrong company!


  2. Just when I was beginning to give people some credit…
    I just want to say from a Christian perspective, if a TV show feels that wrong, I simply don’t watch it. Why take it from those who do enjoy it?
    Also, my favorite show is Supernatural which portrays God as having a sister, and Lucifer repeatedly fighting to maintain his place as the king of hell. Good TV. My point: watch what you want, others will do the same.

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  3. Idk if I would sign a petition to end a show I didn’t agree with. That’s different but hey to each is own I guess. I just wouldn’t watch the show. I’ve never even heard of this show or the petition very interesting


  4. I’ve seriously got to get my prime account back because I really want to watch good omens. It looks awesome!

    Ii Think it’s great that Netflix and amazon made jokes out of the whole situation.


  5. Interesting post! I haven’t seen it but it’s synonymous to the reaction that I got when I told a friend that I watch Lucifer. I don’t see the point of doing a petition to cancel something unless it’s SUPER offensive like racism, suicide, or bullying.


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