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Alita Army

Did you know there is an Alita Army?

I watched Alita on Amazon a few weeks ago. It was all right. Nothing extraordinary. Logan’s Run meets Bourne Identity (a bit). CGI was very good, plot was ok, but the rest was paper thin. Nothing I would have spent money on to watch at the cinema. So imagine my surprise when I found a huge fan base for it on Twitter: The Alita Army!

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Cancel Good Omens on Netflix

US Christian group petitioning Netflix to cancel Good Omens on Amazon

Photo: Guardian

There is a petition started by Return to Order, a US Christian group, asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens when the show is actually streaming on Amazon. It’s incidents like these that shake my faith in human intelligence.

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Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show.

I went to the Hugh Jackman show and lost my diamond ring!

I’m so out of touch with the outside world that my six-year-old son had to tell me about this show.

First Born: Mrs P. told us in class that Hugh Jackman is doing The Greatest Showman show in London.

Me: Huge Ackman? (I’m the only one laughing).

Second Born: In real life?

First Born: Yeah!

Second Born: Sweet!

Me: Fake news!

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Fans ruin it for others!


So I watched Betrayal last Thursday at the Harold Pinter Theatre (which has very little space between the rows of seats. If you’re at the end, don’t sit down until everyone in the middle has!) A matinee, since that’s the only show I can do because of the children. It was quite nice actually. Grabbing a quick lunch between Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square; watching all those people rushing back to work and feeling smug that I was going to see Loki and Daredevil. It was so worth it. Betrayal was marvellous! Worth every penny of the £80 I paid and some. So, the next day, I tweeted about it, as you do. And guess what? Continue reading “Betrayal”