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Cancel Good Omens on Netflix

US Christian group petitioning Netflix to cancel Good Omens on Amazon

Photo: Guardian

There is a petition started by Return to Order, a US Christian group, asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens when the show is actually streaming on Amazon. It’s incidents like these that shake my faith in human intelligence.

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Good Omens

Fantasy Comedy / TV Series

Photo: Amazon

Is It Worth Watching? Only if you are curious.

When Amazon announced they were doing Good Omens I was thrilled. When they said Neil Gaiman will be writing it I was doubly thrilled. I loved the book. I loved Terry Pratchett. And I love Neil Gaiman. Then H said, ‘No one’s ever been able to adapt Terry Pratchett successfully.’ I replied, ‘This time it’s different. Neil Gaiman is doing it.’ Oh the ignominy of being proved wrong to your spouse!

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