Carnival Row

Orlando Bloom is back!

Is It Worth Watching? Yes, if you’re into the whole fantasy thing.

Carnival Row is one of those programs which has a terrible trailer, completely off-putting. And that What do you want from me? song is not in the style of the program. But I urge you to not be put off, to at least watch one episode and if you’re not hooked I’ll eat my words. Women with wings, men with horns and Orlando Bloom. A recipe for success.

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The Boys

This is superheroes gone bad.

Is It Worth Watching? Yes! Oh, yes!

Marvel and DC have over the last few decades made us firmly believe that if superheroes were to exist they would mostly be a force for the good, apart from the few who turn into evil nemeses to provide violent entertainment. Garth Ennis, in The Boys, takes a more realistic approach to what would really happen if there were superheroes. Hint: They wouldn’t be so nice.

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And Now This ...

Alita Army

Did you know there is an Alita Army?

I watched Alita on Amazon a few weeks ago. It was all right. Nothing extraordinary. Logan’s Run meets Bourne Identity (a bit). CGI was very good, plot was ok, but the rest was paper thin. Nothing I would have spent money on to watch at the cinema. So imagine my surprise when I found a huge fan base for it on Twitter: The Alita Army!

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Suspense drama which will keep you guessing to the very end.

Is It Worth Watching? Yes! Watch it before Season 2 comes out.

From the trailer, Homecoming looked like another one of Amazon’s mediocre Prime Original series. What made me watch it, apart from the fact that I’ve promised to review everything good or bad, was Julia Roberts. I’m not a big fan, but you’ve got to admit she can act. And it’s her acting that has lifted this program to a highly watchable level.

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When They See Us

The Story of the Central Park Five.

Is It Worth Watching? Absolutely! Watch it NOW!

When They See Us is all that is good about Netflix. It’s the kind of thought-provoking drama that the public needs right now with the rise of right-wing populism. Stranger Things and the Marvel series are entertaining, yes, but it’s shows like When They See Us which stay with you. The ones you suddenly think of in the middle of the day. The ones that make you cry and scream at the TV. No surprises then that it has picked up sixteen Emmy nominations.

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And Now This ...

Cancel Good Omens on Netflix

US Christian group petitioning Netflix to cancel Good Omens on Amazon

Photo: Guardian

There is a petition started by Return to Order, a US Christian group, asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens when the show is actually streaming on Amazon. It’s incidents like these that shake my faith in human intelligence.

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Drama / TV Series

Photo: Netflix

Is It Worth Watching? No! Not even if you are a Renée Zellweger fan.

The plot line is pretty good, I’d give ’em that. But What/If they hadn’t used this show as the come-back platform for Renée Zellweger? What/If they had chosen better leading ladies? And What/If they didn’t have that stupid “/” between the two words which makes no sense at all? Maybe not the third one so much, but the first two definitely caused What/If to become less than average. Here are some reasons why.

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Five Must Watch Programs Not On Netflix And Amazon

The best shows at the moment are not on Netflix or Amazon

I am a self-confessed Netflix and Amazon addict. I have a hard time trying to turn my Sky box on to see what BBC or Sky Atlantic might have to offer. The box is constantly recording stuff, but most of it are films on Film 4. Last month, however, I had to do a double take. It started with Chernobyl (96% approval on Rotten Tomatoes). Followed by What We Do In The Shadows and now I’m hooked on Catch-22. Sorry Netflix and Amazon, you will just have to wait.

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And Now This ...

Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show.

I went to the Hugh Jackman show and lost my diamond ring!

I’m so out of touch with the outside world that my six-year-old son had to tell me about this show.

First Born: Mrs P. told us in class that Hugh Jackman is doing The Greatest Showman show in London.

Me: Huge Ackman? (I’m the only one laughing).

Second Born: In real life?

First Born: Yeah!

Second Born: Sweet!

Me: Fake news!

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Black Mirror (Season 5)

Sci Fi / TV Series

Photo: Netflix

Is It Worth Watching? The first episode at least. The rest are meh.

I have found, in every season of Black Mirror only one out of three episodes are good. In Season 1, it was 15 Million Merits; In Season 2, it was Be Right Back, and so on. The favourite is different for different people, but it’s very rare that all the episodes are a hit. Season 1, for reasons of novelty, just about managed that feat, but it’s only been downhill after that. Season 5 is no different. The three self-contained stories have the Black Mirror trademark of A-list actors with great acting, but the technology element which is the big pull of this series is missing in all but one. And that’s the only one worth watching.

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