Carnival Row

Orlando Bloom is back!

Is It Worth Watching? Yes, if you’re into the whole fantasy thing.

Carnival Row is one of those programs which has a terrible trailer, completely off-putting. And that What do you want from me? song is not in the style of the program. But I urge you to not be put off, to at least watch one episode and if you’re not hooked I’ll eat my words. Women with wings, men with horns and Orlando Bloom. A recipe for success.

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The Boys

This is superheroes gone bad.

Is It Worth Watching? Yes! Oh, yes!

Marvel and DC have over the last few decades made us firmly believe that if superheroes were to exist they would mostly be a force for the good, apart from the few who turn into evil nemeses to provide violent entertainment. Garth Ennis, in The Boys, takes a more realistic approach to what would really happen if there were superheroes. Hint: They wouldn’t be so nice.

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Suspense drama which will keep you guessing to the very end.

Is It Worth Watching? Yes! Watch it before Season 2 comes out.

From the trailer, Homecoming looked like another one of Amazon’s mediocre Prime Original series. What made me watch it, apart from the fact that I’ve promised to review everything good or bad, was Julia Roberts. I’m not a big fan, but you’ve got to admit she can act. And it’s her acting that has lifted this program to a highly watchable level.

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And Now This ...

Cancel Good Omens on Netflix

US Christian group petitioning Netflix to cancel Good Omens on Amazon

Photo: Guardian

There is a petition started by Return to Order, a US Christian group, asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens when the show is actually streaming on Amazon. It’s incidents like these that shake my faith in human intelligence.

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Action Thriller / TV Series

Photo: Amazon

Is It Worth Watching? Absolutely!

I didn’t enjoy the 2011 film Hanna. Partly because I don’t like Eric Bana, but mostly because I didn’t think Saoirse Ronan was convincing enough as a ruthless assassin. So it was with much trepidation that I began watching the TV Series which is a remake of the film. Also, Amazon’s track record of such programs doesn’t instil one with much faith. But, as it was, I had no reason to worry. The program has taken the very sound concept of the film and improved it immensely.

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